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  1. Anonymous said: hopefully one day and caught the dog your mom pity you sick fuck I love messages like this one. Not only have you shown that you do not have the time to type proper English sentences, you also do not seem to understand the concept of allowing each individual to life their lives unless they infringe on the rights of others. Whether I am sick or not, is not the question here, that is up to the perception of society and quite frankly I do not share that much with society. The people I am around, love and accept me for who I am. Being anonymous on the Internet and leaving a comment that half makes no sense gets you a reaction, nothing more. It does not anger me, it does not affect me, so I hope that next time, when you express an opinion, you do it a bit more eloquently so that we can actually have a discourse about it.

  2. sleazykitten said: Just found your blog. Love it! Hello there kitten. I am very glad you enjoy the blog, anyting in particular that tickles your fancy?

  3. The sooner you realize that even for all my care you are just a piece of meat, a toy to be slapped and used and object to be defiled and shown off, the sooner you will realize how much I cherish you. You exist to obey to be pleasing and if you cannot satisfy those cravings you must be replaced with those who can. 540
  4. More and more athletes record their training and performances. It is later used for video analysis to improve form and function and to adjust their training as needed in order to achieve the ultimate goal of being number one in their sport.
It is no different for sluts like you. Set of holes need to be recorded and analyzed to make sure that you function at the peak of your condition, that we can adjust your training so that you can become the best set of holes humanly possible. After all you are nothing but an experiment. 60
  5. A smack to the cunt can be painful, shameful or just plain humiliating. It is a tool in the arsenal of any good dominant and I enjoy using it quite a lot. You should learn to apply them wisely, they will change the way you interact!! 195
  6. As some of you know I play with others. This is one of my projects, she will be trained to be a pleasing set of holes. I would recommend you follow her tumblr.  Now and then I will post on ours as well.

Holes’ (my) asscunt after Sir fucked it, and fucked it again, fucked it with glass toys and His cock and then with the glass toy and his cock at the same time. It came like a disgusting pig over and over again with the hitachi on its clit and Sirs cock in its asscunt. Holes favourite is getting its asscunt fucked, mostly because it hurts so much and makes it feel like it is nothing more than it is … A set of greedy, pathetic, needy holes. Thank you Sir
  7. How Master’s bitch should be kept. Stuffed, exposed, locked and kept in its own filth. I have a feeling Master will really like this image and my sentiments behind it.
~cockdoll 365
  8. Master’s bitch is a complete piss whore. It craves to feel Master’s warm urine splash against its face, reminding it of what a disgusting bitch it is. I think Master should do something like this to his bitch. Bind it completely then drown it in his dark yellow waste, staining its stomach, using it for what it was made for. 
~cockdoll 181
  9. Master does this to his bitch. Pushes her face down where it belongs. Listening to Master ass cunt fuck his bitch leaves me with a rather vulgar, sadistic smile. 
~cockdoll 32