Anonymous said: I want to be a slave, I want to be tied up, abused, stuffed with huge things, slapped, bitten, pounded so hard. I want to cry in pain and pleasure. I want my boobs to be bitten and abused. I want my pussy to be stretched and filled with huge and hard things. I want to be abused, I want to be a sex toy.

That is an ambitious goal and I congratulate you for being so open about your sexual needs. The aspect of submission or slavery is merely a layer within the weave that you seem to want to achieve, so be sure to understand whether it is a means to an end or an integral part of who you want to be.

I think it is no secret that it takes trust, dedication and time to achieve what you are looking for and it would be prudent for you to follow all the same steps that you would follow when meeting someone for a more common relationship. I encourage you to read up on behaviours exhibited in the community, I also encourage you to be around others that enjoy the lifestyle. Go to an event or two, visit some munches. Above all else you need to be patient and understand that what you seek requires a level of trust and understanding that I do not find common in more common relationships. 

If you believe you do not want this permanently, but as a part of a fantasy or a need, then find someone you trust and indulge with them. Of course you may always apply with us, it is no secret that we are looking for a little toy to abuse and use.